The WindHorse is creative energy brought that rides the morning wind at dawn.

It can be ridden and shared but never tamed…

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Film * TV * Children's Programs * Videos * Music Videos * Commercials * Promotions * Teasers * Trailers* Video Games * Books * Comic Books *  We develop creative content with our own I.P. and work with international production companies.  We structure financing models to leverage content worldwide.  We also use technology to bring content to our audience creating partnerships with new digital platforms. We strive to create content that appeals to international audiences.
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Dominique Luchart, Director/Producer



Founded in 2000, WindHorse has a vision for a future that stems from the evolution of entertainment and technology. Without forgetting our roots in traditional film and television, we are excited about New Media and what it offers at its core. The direct access and focus to the specific fan base, positions us as a Transmedia Brand to reach a global audience – all the dedicated and loyal fans from different genres.

At first, heavily involved in independent films, we have co-produced and seen direct involvement in 7 independent films that have found their way into distribution or garnered selections in various film festivals of renown. In previous years, the founders and key staff have worked on Oscar, Emmy and Addy award projects.

In 2004, WindHorse became a member of UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, reflecting our global vision.

With its multicultural roots, WindHorse is positioned to structure its content as Canadian and European co-productions.