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Our creative production and online distribution work together to deliver tomorrow formats’ today!
We develop original content with our own I.P. and create authoring applications based on these. We structure new financing models to leverage content worldwide using technology to bring content to our audience creating partnerships that benefit everyone with new digital platforms.

Innovative formats is part of the Windom Media experience, beginning with our MindTranscripts and Vlogs for the NEWDAWN Saga project.
360 Technology offers in depth story telling experiences bringing our audience squarely into the environment created for them.
360 Live Streaming brings you into the action from your own living room. Share it with others or ogle alone. Either way you can experience any situations with our live solutions.
360 Motion Design provides integration of FX and augmented reality inside our immersive experiences with state of the art CGI content and virtual reality environments.
Our Interactive Series is the first of its kind with technology that brings you into the core of the action.
Our Community offers a one of a kind immersive experience taking you into an entirely new world.

Current Projects

NEWDAWN Network Coming in 2018

Discover Tomorrow Today


NEWDAWN Network will bring us closer to what the future will look like when things like Nanomedicine, Domestic Robots and Climate Engineering will be an everyday thing.

Approached from a very real perspective, we will have a series of Channels, such as online TV and OTT broadcasting. NEWDAWN Network will bring wonderful insights to life tomorrow through interviews and documentaries based on factual scientific information.

We will also be approaching the future from Fiction, as we will have Mobile Games, videos and the incredible NEWDAWN Saga!

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